We were troubled today when we heard a story about a young man who was killed over an argument he had with another man over a sports rivalry. Dennis Malloy can't wrap his head around the obsession with sports.

On this episode of "Just One More Thing", Dennis gets heated when thinking about how obsessed sports fans are. Dennis says that they're taking sports so personally that fans feel that a rival team is an enemy and inferior.

To Dennis, it's ridiculous that people can go to such extremes because someone likes a team that "wears a different color uniform than the team you root for". The main message Dennis Malloy has to sports fans: "Grow the [BLEEP] up!"

We also spoke with Ryan from Churchville, PA, who was a friend of the young man, Colin, who was killed. What stood out in the conversation with Ryan was how he mentioned that Colin wasn't normally a confrontational person. You can listen to that conversation below: