The headline of a recent Boston Globe article reads "Forget scenic traditions — Trump vacations in the land of spray tans." Never mind that they reduce a proud population of nearly 9 million people to the nonsense of a reality show that actually featured people from other states. These two geniuses — no doubt, open-minded, tolerant reporters from this elitist publication — offended a group that's safe for these cowards to offend.

We're not a religious, ethnic or racial group, but 9 million people nonetheless, who deserve not to be slandered just because you try so "wicked haahd" to trash the President any chance you get. So you make an entire state the butt of your joke, knowing nothing about the New Jersey or it's people. I could fill this post with a myriad of stunning pictures of the Garden State that, yes, would rival anything in Massachusetts.

I honeymooned in Martha's Vineyard and spent many weekends in all of the fabulous places they mention in the article. Have they spent any time here? Well, since they said Cape May is near NYC, I kinda doubt it. It's almost as far as Cape Cod is from NYC. They mention that Route 78 is called the Phillipsburg Newark Expressway. Well, anything with the word Newark in it must be horrible, right? I mean, it's over 80 percent minorities. These two elitists wouldn't be caught dead there, even though the golf course near Rt. 78 is 40 miles from Newark. Isn't that a "micro aggression?"

Their college professors would be so disappointed. Typical lazy, condescending, elitist media types that find an easy target since everyone of their like-minded friends at "the Cape" this weekend will congratulate them on their latest witty attempt to slam Trump. The same people who love to lecture others about their ignorant lack of tolerance to people who are different than them, just showed their utter ignorace and lack of respect for 9 million people (who would love to F them up).

Hey Matt and Annie, I could fill this post with quotes from New Jerseyans that might disparage Massachusetts, but why play that silly elitist pissing match? I could also invite both of them here to see what an amazing place this is, but neither of them deserve a minute in Cape May or Newark.

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