A couple in their 20s with a young son got a visit from the police due to their Halloween decoration on their front lawn in Waretown, Ocean County.

It's a dummy of a zombie pinned between a bloody car and a tree surrounded by police tape. Some neighbors called local police to complain, but no offense was committed, so no trouble for the homeowners. The couple is into zombies and zombies movies and TV shows and they wanted to do something cool to decorate for Halloween.

I've seen people with fake tombstones with the names of their children on the front lawn and thought, "how disgusting!" My daughter now lives in Texas and during a recent visit home, she was surprised at how many people decorate for Halloween here in New Jersey.  Maybe they're too "Christian" or proper to do that down south, but here it's everywhere and I got to say, it's creepy.

The orange lights or an inflatable pumpkin in one thing, but the bloody death stuff is way out of bounds for me. Ask an ER nurse or doc, or an EMT if they would put a bloody body on the hood of a bloody car on their front lawn. If you see that sort of thing in real life or have experienced real tragic violence or death in your life, there's nothing "celebratory" about it.

I don't care what you put on your house or front lawn to celebrate any holiday, but death and blood aren't festive to me. I don't like zombie movies or gore, but if that's your thing, enjoy. I just think you're weird.

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