The state of Oregon finally gave in and let people pump their own gas, albeit in about half the counties in the state. That now leaves only New Jersey that outright forbids the driving public from doing what most of the 49 other states have been doing for years.

Hardly anybody ever gets fined for it, even though you could be fined between $50 and $250. According to an opinion piece by, the way this law started is rooted in corruption dating back to the 1940's.

The reason it still exists is deep unpopularity among females in the state, and cowardly politicians who are afraid to even dare to offer an option. The polling suggests that it is extremely unpopular among women, who would be reminded a couple of times a week, what scoundrel is responsible for this travesty and vote them out at the next election.

Almost three years ago, one brave, honest assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon proposed a bill that would offer limited self-serve pumps for three years. If the idea was a failure the trial period would end and we would all go back to sitting in our cars waiting for the scary looking foreigner to pump our gas while we sat in the comfort of our cars.

Senate President Steve Sweeney wouldn't even bring the bill up for a committee vote, to be considered for a full vote. Very democratic for the head Democrat in the state. We had a heated conversation on the air about it and I don't think I've been on the Sweeney Christmas card list since. Thankfully I never was and never will be.

He was quoted recently that "just because we're the only state, doesn't mean we're the wrong state." Huh?!? That makes sense in Sweeney's world, don't ask me how.

We would both hurt ourselves trying to understand the logic. It's long entrenched corruption and deal making, a pampered female electorate and spineless and/or corrupt politicians that keep it that way. That's the truth and if you don't like it, there's nothing you can do about it, at least as long as Steve Sweeney or his ilk are in charge. And they likely will be for a long time.

Me, I don't much care about the actually pumping of gas. I could take it or leave it, but the fact that a good portion of the public would just like to have the choice, and our leaders refuse to even listen, that's the stuff that's more combustible to me that smoking a cigarette while pumping your own gas!

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