Monday marked the 20th anniversary of the passing of Chris Farley which was remembered by his friend David Spade:

While I miss Farley, what I also miss was the attitude of the '90s comedians who were making us laugh at all that was going on at the time without the backlash of political correctness both in the media and in the audience. I think Jersey's own Jack Nicholson best described these times in "Batman" - "This town needs an enima."

What I loved about those '90s comics was that they really would hold up the mirror to what was going on and make us laugh at it. I hosted Bill Hicks at the Comedy Works in Philadelphia in 1994 and it changed the way I viewed comedy. To this day he's the patron saint of my show and in Philadelphia I'd open it with his "Last Words."

Another was Sam Kinison who currently has a documentary out. So I thought about how great it would be if we could get 30 minutes from one of these great comics who left us way before their time to speak about the times we live in now. You'd have to wonder if they'd be as accepted as they were then since today's audience has been tainted with political correctness but in Jersey we'll have none of that.

I asked who you'd like to hear from and these are the people you replied with on air: George Carlin was overwhelming and who can argue with that?! We also got a lot of Robin Williams, Richard Pryor, Ellen Fried, Joan Rivers, Madison Morton, Bill Hicks, Bernie Mack, Kevin Israel, and Greg Giraldo.

  • Scott Soffen - Rickles.
  • Linda Sinchak - Redd Foxx.
  • Randy Alexander - Richard Jeni, Larry Guinther, Phil Hartman.
  • Ken Krauter - Lenny Bruce

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