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Whether you're dating again after a nasty divorce or playing the field via Tinder, dating can be hard work. Not only are there so many online dating sites to choose from, but the dating rules that applied in your 20s no longer work now that you're in your 40s.

On this episode of Forever 39, we review the dating rules that are no longer in, while also discussing the ones that will always always be in, no matter how old you are. For this segment, our discussion is based on an article published in Glamour that lists five outdated relationship rules that need to be given the heave-ho.

Click on the podcast player above to hear our thoughts on sleeping with a guy on the first date or waiting three days to make contact. Glamour says these dating rules no longer apply, but do we agree? And what do you think? Should you only be dating people that check off all your boxes, or is it time to give Mr. "almost right enough" a chance? Let us know your thoughts by emailing us at

Also from this week's Forever 39 podcast — Are you addicted to your cell phone? PLUS: Our favorite beauty hacks revealed. Click on the podcast player above to hear the entire episode.

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— Annette and Megan, Forever 39

Join us for next week’s podcast when we discuss the dangers of vaping, scoring a raise in 2018, and how to stop comparing yourself to other women.

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