Every NFL head coach wants his own quarterback and Pat Shurmur finally got to play his. The Giants head coach who's team started 0-2 behind Eli Manning, whom he inherited just like Ben McAdoo before him reportedly asked to make a change an insert his guy, Daniel Jones.

Jordan Raanan reports multiple sources told ESPN it was Shurmur who walked upstairs at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center and made the push to insert Jones into the lineup. It's a gutsy move by the head coach. It may have been the only move he had left and it paid off big.

Jones or "Danny Dimes" to you, threw for 336 yards and 2 touchdown and also ran for two more. Imagine a Giants quarterback RUNNING for two touchdowns! From the minute he entered the game the offense was sparked. Despite the fact that the defense had allowed scoring drives every time Tampa touched the ball in the first half and Saquon Barkley leaving the game with what's being reported as a high ankle sprain, Jones and the offense kept going, and going, and going. Can you imagine what this game would have been like with Eli Manning at quarterback while the defense gives up 28 first half points and Saquon Barkley out?

A great quarterback can raise the level of his team. While I'm not anointing Jones great yet, although I don't think it will be long, he did make the offense better by throwing downfield and bringing his team back with 22 second half points including a 75 yard touchdown to Evan Engram at the start of the third quarter. Jones would lead his team to four touchdown drives and it psyched the defense. His accuracy was incredible! Then with the game on the line, Jones ran the ball up the middle into the end zone.

Granted it took a missed field goal for the Giants to get the win, the last time that happened to the Giants in Tampa Bay, they beat Buffalo in Super Bowl XXV. Granted the defense still needs a lot of work but they did show improvement in the second half holding the Bucs to 3 points after giving up 28 in the first , now when they look across the field and see what's happening with the offense, hopefully it will inspire them like it did Sunday.

Giants co-owner Steve Tisch, the only team owner we've heard from since the QB change, tells ESPN it's the beginning of a "new chapter," a chapter entitled "Daniel Jones-Pat Shurmur" The coach finally gets to unleash his offense with his guy and bring the Giants into 2019.

As a die hard Giants fan, here's hoping the Pat Shurmur--Daniel Jones combination brings at least what the Tom Coughlin--Eli Manning. and wasn't it nice to see Jones and Eli fist bumping after his first touchdown.

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