On this Cyber Monday, estimates show 3 in 4 working employees will use a company device to shop online while they are working.

Barbara Pachter of Cherry Hill-based Pachter Associates has this advice for managers: "If employees spend a lot of time on the computer not doing work on Cyber Monday, it can be a lot of lost productivity."

"My philosophy is that you should trust your employees, but do not be stupid. If you have noticed a trend over the last few years, if you have noticed employees, when you walk around, start closing their computers, then they might be doing things that you do not want them to be doing."

And for employees, Pachter advises, "do your shopping at lunch. You know, finish up your work and then if you still want to use the work computer, do it at the end of the day so that it does not impact productivity."

"It is important to explain to employees, that, if everybody in the company is doing that, you are losing a whole lot of productivity. And that is the bottom line, and it can affect their jobs as well as the company's profitability."

Research from Robert Half indicates that better than 1 in 5 CIO's allow employee shopping. But almost 3 in 10 say they block access to shopping sites. The Half study also shows that 75 percent of employees have used a company device to shop online during work hours while 41 percent spent a hour or more shopping on the job during Cyber Monday last year.

Joe Cutter is the afternoon news anchor on New Jersey 101.5

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