What do you do when you move to Cranford, NJ from the state of Texas? You get yourself a golf cart motor, power it with four electric batteries, and cover up your sweet ride to make it look like a horse. What else?!

Meet Steve Bacque, just a fun-loving suburban cowboy. He named his contraption Charger. His stead can hit 40 miles per hour and can handle up to 600 pounds. He's been seen all over town riding this crazy motorized horse and people have been taking pics and posting them on social media. Thus the Crazy Cranford Cowboy was born.


This horse is serious business. It even has a wheelie bar which Bacque says it not just for show. He's able to pop a slight wheelie on this bad boy. How does he control this insane thing? The reins. They steer it left or right, and tugging on them applies the brakes. A pedal sets it in motion.

Okay, but you're wondering, is this thing street legal? Cranford Police say it isn't. They sent him to Motor Vehicles where Bacque's crazy horse stumped the staff. Ultimately they decided he should follow the same rules you would for a bike or scooter.

While he attracts an audience wherever he and Charger go, he would much rather a real horse. But he says he fell in love with a Jersey girl and moving to the northeast this mechanical horse was just more practical. Laugh all you want, but deep down you know you want to ride this thing!

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