I've often said that radio is "theater of the mind."

Unless the studio TV cameras are on, feeding nj1015.com...you won't see us doing our jobs "on the air."

I could have come in tonight wearing a raggedy shirt and jeans, and, you'd be none the wiser, right?

Except for this thing called social media. I'm ALWAYS posting during the show.

So, I decided to "dress the occasion" tonight, as I count you down into 2017.

If you are "friends" with me on social media, you've seen the picture.

My page is "blowing up."

And now, thanks to your inquiries, its here at nj1015.com!

YOU, dear nj1015.com reader, have seen my "2017 attire" too!

Jeff Deminski sums it up best: "You're better dressed than I am tonight that's for sure."

LOL! (social media-speak).

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