Yet again our US Senator Cory Booker took the opportunity to play his phony, hysterical antics to a national audience. Whatever senate hearing there is, for an appointment or investigation, Cory Booker takes his embarrassingly transparent, desperate side-show to new levels.

Thursday he claimed he was releasing "confidential" emails about Supreme Court nominee Bret Kavanaugh that might get him kicked out of the Senate. The emails were already cleared and there was no risk to him, another embarrassing display of desperation and foolishness.

He had a promising and fairly sober, somewhat accomplished career and a fairly bright future. He spent seven years as mayor of Newark and grabbed headlines with some pretty admirable deeds, like shoveling snow off of sidewalks, going into a burning building to save a woman and riding with cops on all night patrols. Although his self promotion was fairly effective, the residents of Newark had a different perspective.

So his antics and phoniness are nothing new, but it works for some in his party and the media loves him. Pretty impressive and all designed to move on to the next step, U.S. Senator, and he did. He became the first African American Senator from New Jersey in 2013. As each year has passed, he's become more unhinged the more he gets a whiff of his ultimate goal of becoming the next POTUS.

It's no secret he wants to be the Democratic nominee in the 2020 election. He or his handlers have decided in this "era of Trump" to be as phony, outlandish, dishonest and stupid as possible to achieve that goal. As residents of New Jersey, it's embarrassing and difficult to watch. Does he not know everybody's on to his bulls***? Are there people out there who applaud his nonstop nonsense. Maybe I'm seeing this all wrong. Let's ask New Jersey:

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