It's the end of an era again, as Volkswagon has decided to stop making the Beetle by the end of the 2019 model year.

My first car was a 1971 orange Beetle nicknamed "Bessie the Love Bug" by my friends. If that car could talk ... actually, if that car could talk, it wouldn't say much because there's only so much romance that can comfortably happen in a Beetle. That came later with my customized van. But despite that, we still had a lot of fun in that car.

The end of the Beetle got me thinking about all the cool cars that we loved driving in New Jersey that they no longer make. Among the cool cars I owned were the Opel GT "Minivette," both a Datsun 280Z and ZX, and an all-white Plymouth Fury.

Here are some of what you drove:

John Wild Goose Chase: My very first car as a senior in high school, a year old 1971 Pontiac Gran Prix, I was so proud of that car!

Billy Van Auken: 2002 NSX

Annmarie McHugh: Infinity J30. That car was so fast let's just say I made new friends with that car that happened to be state troopers. Bahahaha

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