It hasn't been easy being a Giants fan and seeing the Eagles win the Super Bowl. Then again, I'm in an unusual position as a Giants fan who has worked with Eagles fans in Philadelphia. No matter what team you root for, any fan can understand and feel the anxiety of a true fan that has waited so many years for a championship. I hear that anxiety in their voices, see it in their eyes. Now it is no more.

It's hard to root against this Eagles team when you think of all the back stories attached to it. Carson Wentz going down and backup quarterback Nick Foles coming off the bench to lead the team on a playoff run that ends with him receiving the MVP, Doug Pederson in only his second year as head coach beats Bill Bellichick in a Super Bowl where Tom Brady throws for over 500 yards! The alternative is rooting for the Patriots and no one wants to do that, save for Governor Murphy.

The Eagles are really a bunch of nice guys who genuinely like each other and play for each other. They constantly invoke the name of Jesus, in fact Jesus may be the 12h man on this team.

I'll never forget the jubilation of watching the very first Giants Super Bowl win in 1987, Now it's time for my Eagle fan friends to enjoy that same experience, so for Mike in South Philly, John from the Northeast, Donato, Steve from Glenside and all those who have called me on the radio, I wish you nothing but the best. Of course next year the rivalry starts all over again!

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