I hope you know me. I hope you remember my position on the pandemic matter. Because what I’m about to say should have even more impact that way.

Remember I’m the person who believes the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control were doing their best with a virus that has now killed 868,000 Americans. I believe in the science whole also recognizing that the virus was new so the science on it was evolving. I believe in the vaccines and have been vaccinated and boosted.

I don’t believe the government should make vaccines mandatory. It was a societal horror show when they did this with smallpox a century ago. If businesses on their own chose vaccination as a condition of employment for the safety of their staff I had no problem with that. The government though is a different matter.

And all that being said, even I was mortified to hear what this progressive pinhead of a governor, Phil Murphy, had to say about the unvaccinated in a press briefing on Monday. Asked by a reporter if he felt people who choose to not be vaccinated were being selfish, he not only answered in the affirmative but he compared being unvaccinated to driving drunk.

Here’s the moment.

There’s so much I could say but I’ll just make a few points. First of all, there is a law that says you can’t operate a motor vehicle while intoxicated. There is no law requiring you to be vaccinated. So to compare a lawful decision to an illegal act is despicable.

Also, when you drink and drive it’s something you are actively doing. It’s aggressive. You are looking for trouble. Whereas remaining unvaccinated is simply something you are not doing. It’s passive.

Further, most people who refuse the vaccine are not doing it just to be defiant or unpatriotic. They have, in their minds and hearts, true concerns about allowing this vaccine into their bodies. No vaccine is ever 100% safe. They’re concerned it could be bad for them. No one drives drunk out of fear. Driving drunk is the selfish act, not remaining unvaccinated.

Finally, how dare this governor makes this arrogant comparison when like the hypocrite he is he has violated his own public safety executive orders in the past. When his own executive order said not to gather in large groups even outdoors and yet he went ahead and joined in two different Black Lives Matter rallies was he being selfish because he could have been spreading the virus? Should he be compared to a drunk driver? By his own standards yes.

But Gov. Murphy’s standards are like his face. He has two of them.

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