When things get a little rough and I’ve been getting beaten up by problems and struggles in my life I either turn to music or comedy. Both have been a great escape for me and a calming relief from the pressure of what’s stressing me out.

We have been tested quite a bit these past few months with the pandemic. Being quarantined, most of us affected by a decrease in income, kids not going to school and massive changes to our daily routines, just an overall mass of obstacles surrounding us.

There are days where I felt that I was playing King of the Hill and trust me it wasn’t as fun as I had when I was a kid growing up in the Bronx. I’m one of these guys who say “what can you do?” I try to make the best of the situation.

One of the things I really like to do is to hit the comedy clubs and check out some great comedic talent. That was a fun activity that went away as the pandemic became more a part of our lives. When I had my TV show, I wanted a comedian on my show each week to provide a smile and laugh to my audience.

I do have one important criteria with catching a comedian, no politics! It doesn’t matter which way his political flag flies, I don’t want to hear it especially after being beaten over the head all week on TV with late night hosts, aggressive talk show hosts and the hate that permeates all over social media.

I want comedy to take me to another place, someplace where I can laugh and enjoy the performance. So with that said enjoy the comedy of Don Jameson who was a guest on my TV show, The Big Joe Henry Variety Show. Good luck with your struggles and I hope that you turn to a few laughs to cope, it works for me!

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