Remember when the Eagles opened Lincoln Financial field and Sylvester Stallone showed up as Rocky? Comedian Joe Matarese who channels the Italian Stallion in his act, summoned him for this very popular video which he stars in entitled "Win LII" which parodies the opening the Eagles use for their home games.

"My brother told me people are calling this the Rocky II of Super Bowls because of the Patriots rematch, and he told me the tag line they're using is "leave your wife at home, because that's what he does in Rocky II." The video lampoons how much it actually cost to go to Minnesota to see the Eagles play the Big Game.

Rather than go to Minnesota, Matarese after long discussions with his friends about where to watch the game decided: "we don't have any money, so we decided to just throw our own Super Bowl party getting a suite in Philly Saturday night, which could be another video 'What if they lose?'"

Matarese, a Cherry Hill native, was inspired by the Rocky movies. He's "going the distance" in comedy. Not only has Matarese had his own 30 minute Comedy Central special, but you may remember him from "America's Got Talent" or his numerous appearances on "The Late Show with David Letterman." He's also regularly appeared on "Chelsea Lately" and "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson."

Joe's Super Bowl score prediction..."let's make it 30-17 Eagles in a squeaker."

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