🐓Police found 50 roosters and 4 dogs on the property

🐓They also found an "elaborate" set up including a cockfighting ring and seating

🐓The Atlantic County SWAT team was part of the raid.

GALLOWAY — Police arrested 51 people from two states on Saturday after breaking up a cockfighting ring.

Galloway police made the arrests at a home on the 300 block of S. Bremen Avenue as part of an ongoing investigation into the ring. Many of those present tried to make a run for it when police arrived.

Fifity roosters were found in crates, storage boxes and bags around an area police described as an "elaborate" operation that included arena seating around a cockfighting ring. Four dogs including three living in poor conditions in an outdoor shed were also found.

Police said they recovered $37,000 in cash.

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51 charged and arrested in connection to a Galloway cockfighting ring 3/9/24
50 charged and arrested in connection to a Galloway cockfighting ring 3/9/24 (Galloway police)

The Atlantic County SWAT team was part of the half-dozen law enforcement agencies part of the raid.

The roosters and dogs were taken from the property to another location.

The owner of the home, Jose Madera, was arrested on scene and charged with numerous animal cruelty offenses, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, destruction of evidence and resisting arrest. Breaking AC reported there are 111 counts against Madera.

Cockfighting is illegal in all 50 states.

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