Make friends, your life depends on it! At least that's what the American Psychological Association says. Basically, the closer you are to your friends, the better you’ll feel as you get older.

I can see why that would be the case. You start out in life making friends where you live, then pick up more friends in school, then at your various jobs, not to mention whatever clubs or teams you become a part of. From these friends will come a select group that you will stay close to the rest of your life. Everyone else tends to leave as you move on or start a family.

It’s that select group of friends that know you better than anyone else who will help you age with grace. They know all your secrets because you feel most comfortable around them. These are the people who, no matter how old you get, you still see and think of them when you were younger. If someone comes to mind as your "lifelong friend," keep them around, there are endless benefits to having that relationship!

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