Not all neighborhoods throughout New Jersey are created equal. Some of them might be better maintained than others.

There's also the difference between wealthier neighborhoods and those that aren't as rich. It doesn't make one or the better necessarily, but it does show the societal divide of those who are wealthier.

But it also goes beyond wealth. The amount of funding a particular town gets also factors into how a neighborhood looks and feels.

Some towns, for example, may require something like picket fences in the front yard if they're located along a main road. Or, perhaps certain lawn requirements must be met to ensure consistency from one house to the next.

Homes in a neighborhood / New Jersey

Again, it really all depends on the area and community. Some communities may care more about one thing, whereas the next community might focus on something different.

It's all part of what gives New Jersey its charm, after all. We may be a small state, but we're also not afraid to show how different we are from one another.

There is, however, one thing that all New Jersey neighborhoods could and should do to help make them a better place. Not only would it be a clean upgrade, it probably wouldn't cost much at all to implement.

Nice neighborhood in the suburbs
Constance Bossert

And that clean upgrade would be for a town or community to increase the number of public garbage cans located throughout a neighborhood. A clean upgrade since it would encourage people not to litter.

Some neighborhoods in New Jersey already do this. And for them, it's a job well done.

But many do not have this, with the exception of a can or two at a public park. In fact, some neighborhoods might not have a public garbage can at all for several blocks, or any at all with the exception of the downtown area.

Garbage and recycling cans
Mike Brant - TSM

It would be especially helpful for those who walk their pets and need a place to throw out their best friends' business. And let's be honest, nobody wants the business of someone else's dog thrown into their can.

If a public garbage can was located at least once every two or three blocks, it would be tremendously helpful. And, it would hopefully encourage people not to litter.

Again, for the towns that already do this, you're on the right track. So many other towns throughout New Jersey should follow your lead.

Garbage can / bin in a neighborhood


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