When actress Amy Locane was released from prison in 2015 after serving three years for vehicular homicide that took the life of 60-year-old Helene Seeman in 2010, one of the things she did to turn her life around was to become a life coach for City Of Angels, which gets help for those fighting addiction.

Among those Amy helped get into rehab was comedian Artie Lange.

Now that Locane has been sentenced a fourth time for the same crime, this time to eight years five years after her release, City of Angels Founder Kevin Meara is calling on Gov. Phil Murphy to commute the most recent sentence.

"Right now it really flies with Gov. Murphy," says Meara. "Gov. Murphy can commute her sentence. That would be the right thing to do at this point. Someone's got to recognize that Amy did wrong but the court system did wrong, and two wrongs don't make a right."

Meara, a former and longtime councilman who briefly served as Hamilton mayor, founded City of Angels after losing his son Casey to heroin. He has addressed addiction at the White House and was in the courtroom at Locane's latest sentencing.

"Some people disagree with the original sentencing but the sentencing was what it was and she served her time in prison, she served her probation, parole and went on with her life," says Meara. "So it's really difficult to see the court system come back at her."

Meara talked about the emotions involved in this case.

"The family fought very hard, the prosecutor fought very hard to get her back," says Meara. "Unfortunately, it was about gaining a pound of flesh than seeing justice done because she served her time."

Meara, who has suffered tragic loss, talks about forgiveness.

"Look, I lost my son. I can tell you that part of the healing, part of the going on with your life is the forgiveness part and if God blesses you to be able get to the forgiveness part, your life goes on. Unfortunately, sitting in court, this family isn't there yet."

Meara disagrees "wholeheartedly" with Judge Angela Borkowski who said that Amy hadn't expressed remorse. Meara recalled an event for City Of Angels put on by Randy Nemeroff.

"When Amy got up and spoke ... the way she expressed remorse, that she'll never go a day without thinking of what she did, I just don't know what planet this judge was on when she said that Amy hasn't expressed remorse"

Amy spoke of her remorse when she called New Jersey 101.5 from prison last Thursday night.

"It was never intentional. I never sought anyone out. I never did anything like that," she said. "I was devastated then and I'm still devastated to this day. I feel horrible for my actions. I think of her [Helene] every day, I will never...I will think of her until the day I die. It will never go away."

Amy Locane's mother Helen has started a petition to have Amy released. You can sign it here.

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