LAWRENCE (Cumberland County) — Two young lambs that started the holiday season as part of a live nativity scene will be saved from slaughter by an animal rescue farm.

The lambs were saved on Sunday by the Freedom Farm Animal Rescue in the Cedarville section of town, according to posts on the group's Facebook page. The group posted that the two animals had been saved on Sunday night.

"We need to get these boys safe so that way they don't end up on anybody's platters as far as the holidays go," a video on the group's Facebook page said Sunday night. A little more than three hours later the group posted a picture of the two lambs with the caption of "SAFE!!!."

The group posted about the animals again on Monday morning. Now that they are safe a fundraising drive has been started to provide for the animals.

"Most people only donate to help get the animal rescued but sometimes forget that we need your help for the animals whole life here at the sanctuary," the Facebook post said.

The group is also hoping the public can help name the lambs, including one who appears to have two antlers on each side of his head.

Freedom Farm Animal Rescue
Freedom Farm Animal Rescue

In addition to paying for things like bedding and food,, the fundraising drive will also be used for veterinary bills, the post said. Donations can be made through the group's PayPal account or through their Patreon page.

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