WPLJ is holding their reunion sendoff, bringing all their personalities together before the station goes off the air May 31. I was an avid listener of "New York's Best Rock" and it was actually then morning man Jim Kerr who set me on my own broadcast course when I was lucky enough to meet with him one night at a bar called "Court Street."

Although I've never worked at WPLJ, I did work with "Jersey Guy" Ray Rossi AKA "Bobby Valentine," who told me of his memories there and Christine Richie, who I worked with in Philadelphia at a station called "ALICE 1045." Christine was on the reunion show talking about how personality Kim Ashley, whom she looked up to, was kind enough to go over her tape. Ashley told her she was good enough to go to the big city and asked her to do it for someone else when she gets there, something which Christine does to this day. She also talked about the time John Mayer called her on the request line.

Asked about her WPLJ feelings, Christine tells New Jersey 101.5:

"I feel very lucky that I had the opportunity to work at WPLJ. Now, I’m downright giddy that I will forever be a small part of their history. I’m extremely proud and consider my time there one of my biggest accomplishments of my radio career. Getting to work there was a masterclass in radio everyday and if you paid attention and worked at it, you walked out of there better than when you arrived. It was never lost on me that the first place I got to crack the mic in the #1 market was the legendary WPLJ! It doesn’t get better than that. What a shame that another baby DJ won’t get to realize that dream. One of the best things about WPLJ though was that it felt like a family. A legendary station going away doesn’t bode well for the business of radio but I’m really just heartbroken for my friends who are losing their jobs. Remember, the heart of any radio station is the people on air and off and WPLJ was/is filled with amazing ones."

Christine can now be heard on the NEW 102.7.

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