Gov. Chris Christie signed a bill Monday allowing medical marijuana to be given to students at facilities providing services to persons with developmental disabilities and schools.

"Genny's Bill" will allow Genny Barbour to legally use cannabis oil at her school, the Larc School in Bellmawr, to relieve symptoms from epileptic seizures. The school had cited the Drug Free School Zone Act and terms of the N.J. Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana Act in previously refusing her permission.

The family is continuing in a legal action against the Maple Shade School District, which placed her at the Larc School.  An administrative law judge in September denied the family's petition to have Genny's mother give her a noon dose each day; the family ultimately had planned to seek a federal court ruling to have the school's nurse administer the dose.

Her father tweeted a picture of the family outside the Statehouse and said he was "pumped and excited" for the law to be signed Monday.

"Thank You Assembly/Senate/Gov!" he wrote in a separate tweet.

The bill allows "non-smokable" medical marijuana to be administered on school grounds in a designated location, on a school bus or at a school sponsored event under the conditions of the Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act.

Last week, an attorney representing the family rejected an offer from Maple Shade school officials to settle under terms would force Genny to wait to take a dose until she got home from school according to the Courier Post. Currently, her mother picks he up from school at noon and keeps her home the rest of the day.

Christie signed the bill without comment.

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