A woman who said last week that she was stopped in her car by a police impersonator has since confessed that she made the whole thing up, according to Cherry Hill police.

Samantha Roman, of Haddonfield, now is charged with making false statements.

Authorities found out that the white Ford van she had described with red and blue LED lights was actually a federal prison transfer vehicle that had no interaction with Roman.

The van seen along Route 38 on Aug. 16 was being driven by on-duty federal corrections officers who were not aware of Roman or her made-up story, investigators said.

A man in a white Ford van posed as a police officer on Aug. 16 (Cherry Hill Police)
The woman said a man in a white Ford van posed as a police officer on Aug. 16 (Cherry Hill Police)

After multiple interviews with detectives, she admitted no traffic stop ever happened.

Federal officials helped identify the corrections officers, who were found to have no knowledge of Roman or her vehicle.

There was no mention of a possible motive in the update from police.

Cherry Hill Police thanked the community for tips submitted in the case and said the department would “continue to investigate all reported crimes, especially those which affect the public’s trust.”

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