How many times did the NBC breakout show "This Is Us" cross your mind on Mother's Day as you were having all those family moments? Or was that just me? How great would it have been if the show had stayed on a few months longer and aired their season finale in May like so many others? Well if you need a "This Is Us" fix, they've got you covered with the just released season two promo and a surprise for the people in it.

What they did was bring watchers in to comment on the series and talk about the correlation it had to their own lives. What they didn't realize was that actors Chrissy Metz, Mandy Moore, Sterling K Brown, and Milo Ventimiglia were actually watching them in a separate room then come out and greet them afterwards.

You'll probably need a tissue for some of this. This is Us season 2 will most likely return during NBC's premier week Sept 19.

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