If you feel like taking a ride way far south on the Turnpike, where the road is only two lanes in either direction, get off at Exit 2 and head to Pilesgrove Township.

There you'll find a quaint little winery called Auburn Road Vineyards. Almost 20 years ago three young couples decided to chuck their corporate careers and buy a farm, turn into a vineyard and make wine.

With no experience and a lot of hard work, they've turned their dream into a successful and welcoming place, in the heart of nowhere. Driving through the area, it's hard to believe you're in New Jersey. Only minutes from the Delaware Memorial Bridge and miles away from the hustle and bustle of the most populated state in the union.

Their restaurant, called an enoteca, serves cracker and cheese plates and some of the best artisan pizzas you'll find this side of Italy. The wine is excellent, the atmosphere is bucolic and cozy, and the service is super warm and friendly.

Next time you feel like taking a ride on a Saturday or Sunday, you must check this place out.

Tour Auburn Road Vineyards

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