As nearly 7,000 Honduran migrants flee their country and head to the Mexico border with the U.S., lawmakers in New Jersey are discussing outlawing the term "illegal alien."

"They call it a migration," Jim Gearhart says. "But when people are forcing to come into your country, that is an invasion."

While Jim says many of the migrants "have good reason to get out of Dodge" because their nation is "run by murderous barbarians," he thinks it's also "such a shame you can't tell who are the good guys and who are coming in to cause trouble."

Back in New Jersey, meanwhile, lawmakers are trying to make it illegal for government agencies to use the terms "alien" and "illegal alien."

"The United States is a nation of immigrants, and as such, our laws should discontinue the use of terms that ostracize those in our society who may have been born elsewhere," the proposed law says.

But Jim says "that's beside the point."

"It’s the illegal part of it," he says. "They completely wipe that out. Nobody has any problem with people coming into the country legally."

Take a listen to Jim's latest podcast to hear what he'd do about the migrant caravan and also his thoughts on George Carlin, Buddhism and hoarding.

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