Cape May is a big tourist attraction this summer, but as the number of tourists grow, so does the problem of parking.

VisionsofAmerica/Joe Sohm, Getty Images

Rick Swain, of Swain's Hardware in Cape May, says the locals fear they will become a victim of their own success.

"We don't want to lose people coming into the community because they get frustrated and not find a parking space."

Swain's hardware opens up a part of its parking lot to visitors for low-cost parking.

"We're making a more concerted effort with private venues that could share parking," Mayor Edward Mahaney says.

Mahaney says they're looking at remote parking lots accessible by shuttle and encouraging more partnerships with private businesses to share spaces when they are not needed by the business.

He says there are also a number of churches and a middle school who have pitched in to allow use of their parking lots when they are not needed.

But other businesses in town may have a problem sharing space. Hotels and motels for instance, have a limited number of parking spaces that are almost always dedicated to the guests staying at the business.