It’s no secret that there are people in this country who are royalty obsessed. Just look at the arguments pro and against Megan and Harry and you will realize that we think about Britain and the royal family and have a way more interest in them than we should.

There are people who travel to England just to get a glimpse of Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace or the changing of the guards.

Now that travel has been limited, there’s a way to experience a day of royalty and ambiance without having to get on a plane to England. Check out Harmony Tea Room, one of the most unique dining experiences in New Jersey.

Harmony Tea room, located in Bergen County, has over 35 flavors of tea and a menu of deliciously fresh pastries for you to enjoy. While they suggest reservations, they also take walk-ins if you are feeling spontaneously fancy.

So here’s how the Tea Room works. The menu is prefix, and there are three dining experiences to choose from all with tea and finger foods included. The first dining option, entitled Sereni-Tea, includes a freshly baked scone, assorted finger sandwiches, a selection of sweets as well as a pot or cup of tea. Next is Tranquili-Tea, which includes everything from the Sereni-Tea option, plus your choice of salad or soup. And lastly, there is Hospitali-tea, which gives you the option of both a salad and soup.

Once you have selected your dining option, your sophisticated experience can begin.

Each course of food at The Harmony Tea Room is served on beautiful hand-painted china that will transport you to England.

In addition to the fancy atmosphere, there is also live music outside for you to enjoy while you sip your tea.

The Harmony Tea room also does private parties and takeout if you have a larger party wanting to experience the fun. After all, the Harmony Tea Room experience is best enjoyed when you are in the company of good friends and family who are ready to put on their preppy brunch outfit and raise their pinkies!

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi's own.

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