Apparently Delaware has known for some time that Joe Biden smells like oranges. The rest of the country is only now finding this out. You see, for a long time the Delaware History Museum, Biden's home state, has been selling candles that 'smell like Joe Biden.' At $22, it is among their best selling items. They cannot keep enough in stock.

People passing the display do a double take and then curiosity gets them. They just have to open the lid to find out what exactly Joe Biden smells like. Turns out the novelty candle is made to smell like Joe Biden's favorite drink; orange flavored Gatorade. Something else people outside Delaware never knew until this week when the Joe Biden scented candle story made national news.

So we in Jersey were feeling a little left out of the party. If Delaware's favorite son can have a candle smell like him, why can't New Jersey politicians? We decided to take to the airwaves and fix all that. We threw it out there and here's what some listeners came up with.

Stacy thought a Phil Murphy candle should smell like marijuana. Since he can't seem to get it legalized though perhaps it should come with a wick that cannot light. She also figured a Chris Christie candle would smell like a fast food dumpster. Ouch!

Gina went for the weight joke too, with a Chris Christie candle smelling like bacon. (Okay, wouldn't we all want that candle though?) And for Phil Murphy? Peppermint Schnapps. Because, she says, he must be drinking it.

Russ felt a Phil Murphy candle should smell like gasoline since the tax might be going up again this year. I'd say that works for Christie too since he was the governor who approved of the massive gas tax hike.

Suzanne was thinking about Phil Murphy's teeth when she called in a candle that smells like a horse farm.

Our own Bill Doyle offered up a Cory Booker candle that would smell like ashes for all those house fires he runs into playing hero. We both thought of a candle that smells like brine, lots and lots of brine, for Phil Murphy. I added a Christie candle that smells like deserted beach. And a Phil Murphy candle that captures his debate missed opportunity; a grapefruit and broccoli scented candle.

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