My wife and I travel a lot around the northeast visiting family and friends and we have had some outstanding experiences at local diners where most tourists would never go.

Tourists and travelers seem to be looking for the quick bite and fill up in order to get back on the road to make time to whatever the destination. I have found in my travels, it's way better to add an hour or so in order to actually appreciate the journey.

Going to Florida a few years ago, we went two hours out of the way to hit a BBQ place we had heard of on St. Simons Island in Georgia. Totally worth it...the brisket...the

In Vermont, we went 30 minutes in the opposite direction to enjoy a diner on a local main street. Not only was the food terrific, but the service was a good way. That's not always the case in the New York, New Jersey, Philly area. But most of the reputation our area gets is from travelers coming up and down the turnpike, never venturing a few minutes out of the way to experience the best our state has to offer.

What's your favorite place in NJ for a great breakfast? Submit your place on Facebook and if there's a stand out place, I'm gonna go try it.

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