Since August New Jersey has had a state law that allows police to impound of vehicles used by drug buyers or anyone soliciting or engaging in prostitution. The Camden County Police Department has taken full advantage of the new statute. They’ve impounded 40 vehicles and arrested 97 people. Almost 84 percent of those busted did not live in Camden.

Chief J. Scott Thompson
Chief J. Scott Thompson (Facebook)

“Open air drug markets and prostitution create an unhealthy environment for Camden, but more importantly jeopardize the safety of our children,” says Chief J. Scott Thomson. “We will continue to suppress both the supply and demand of these illegal acts. By seizing the cars of violators, their ability to commit offenses is significantly reduced.

The legislation which is now law was drafted following talks between Thomson, State Sen. Donald Norcross and Assemblyman Gilbert “Whip” Wilson about how to enhance penalties on those who come into Camden and other cities to commit crimes.

“I am glad that the Camden Metro Division is utilizing every tool and law at their disposal that will catch anyone looking to use Camden as their personal playground for unlawful purposes,” says Camden Mayor Dana Redd. “Perhaps more people will think twice before coming into Camden to do their dirty work.”

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