Americans on average are spending $2,000 a year on optional maintenance services, according to a Bankrate survey.

The survey focuses on eight services, many of which are unexpected costs for homeowners.

The survey calculated the average monthly costs for housekeeping, homeowners’ association dues, landscaping, home security systems, pool care, snow removal, septic service and private trash/recycling collection.  Bankrate reports that 63 percent of homeowners use at least one optional service, while 35 percent use two or more.

On average, renters spend $550 a year on these services.

Private trash and recycling collection are the most popular, with 29 percent of homeowners paying for these services.

About 27 percent of homeowners pay for landscaping, and 20 percent pay for homeowners’ association dues.

The most expensive of these services is housekeeping, which will cost homeowners approximately $285 a month.

The survey found that the usage of these services increases with age and income.

Bankrate analyst Taylor Tepper says “these expenses need to be factored into your budget when you buy a home.”


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