1,000 Orange High School students left class and marched to police headquarters in protest Friday morning over the actions of one of their police officers. The officer was suspended for how he handled an incident involving two students. He can be seen in this video throwing one girl by her hair to the ground. People are screaming at him that they're sisters, which they are. Does it matter that they're twin sisters?

Watch the video and decide for yourself if the cop is wrong or right. It's obvious there's some kind of situation he's trying to handle, but as is often the case with videos like this the recording doesn't capture what led up to the moment. It looks to me like he's trying to talk to the one girl when the other one rushes in. The sisters are now speaking out about what happened next.

"We got attacked," said Kyasia Sorrels. "He was I guess trying to clear the ave. He was bumping into people and grabbed me." The other sister, Nyasia, said she moved in to come to her sister's aid. "I'm trying to get him off of her, and he grabbed my hair and started slamming me into the floor. It was crazy. He needs to get fired." By floor she means sidewalk. What she's leaving out though is that other cops are surrounding them and she was ordered by police several times to back off and wouldn't.

Once again, if people would listen to police commands we wouldn't be having this conversation. He has no idea why this other student is suddenly pushing her way in. He has no idea that it's a sister, nor does that matter.

Yes he can be seen grabbing her by her hair and whipping her to the ground. But is it followed by punches or kicks or chokeholds? No. It just seems to me he's trying to get them both to be still and calm down. It looks like he's trying to control a chaotic scene. By the way, when you get to the part of the video where the well dressed guy gets involved, that's a concerned staff member of the Orange Board of Education. He was issued a ticket and that too will be part of the ongoing investigation. No matter what the investigation turns up, no matter what motivated this officer, media will play him as the bad guy.

See for yourself and read more about it here.

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