A study released this week in the journal Pediatrics found more than 45,000 children under age three were sent to emergency rooms between 1991 and 2010, due to accidents with bottles, pacifiers and sippy cups.

The products, basically used by every infant and toddler at some point, caused cuts, chipped teeth, bruises and other injuries.

Carol Ann Giardelli, Director of Safe Kids New Jersey, said it's not the products themselves that are dangerous; typically they pose danger when a child falls with an item in his/her mouth.

"My suggestion is parents should do everything to either prevent the fall or prevent the fall from being harmful," Giardelli advised.

She said there's no substitute for active supervision.

She continued, "If the child is going to be drinking, make sure they're sitting down and not walking around or running around with a sippy cup in their mouth."

Also, at the younger ages, a child should be strapped in to his/her seat at home or car seat when using a "ba-ba" or "binky."

Giardelli said it has become a habit for children to walk around with their cups and bottles, just like an adult would roam the house with a cup of coffee.