If you had to imagine a more Jersey photograph it wouldn’t be easy.

First of all, the background is the stuff of legend. Jersey Freeze. The ice cream place that’s been in Freehold since 1952.

It was first owned by the Blackmore family. For a generation it was known for just ice cream then started serving more food in the 1970s. Now it’s owned by Katie Dinonno and Matt Cangialosi. Katie worked there as a teenager in the 90s and Bruce Blackmore sold it to them in 2014.

It’s a very special place and visited by very special people. Need proof?

Yes, that's Katie and Matt flanking two New Jersey superstar rockers. Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi showed up together at the iconic Freehold joint.

Now we don't have the full backstory here. Did they really arrive together or did they happen to bump into each other at the same moment? Was Jon walkin’ in while Bruce was walkin’ out? Did they arrive together in a Bruce-owned "Pink Cadillac" or did they take separate cars?

Many questions. Few answers.

What we do know is it was clearly light jacket weather as we are "Waiting On A Sunny Day." And we know Jon Bon Jovi went with a simple chocolate cone. But what the heck is piled high on Bruce's cone? Is that Rocky Road?

Also, and in no way do I say this with anything but love in my heart for Bruce Springsteen because I'm a big fan, how many times in pictures has he had this expression and what does it mean?

Notice Matt, Jon and Katie are all smiling. What is Bruce doing? Is it a tough look? Did he not know a picture was being taken? Could he be in mid-brain freeze?

Anyway, who cares. It's an iconic Jersey photo of three Jersey stars, Springsteen, Bon Jovi and Jersey Freeze itself.

I imagine this photo will find a place on their wall and hang there forever.

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