It's always a great time when I work with Bobby Collins who will be performing this Friday night at Catch A Rising Star in the Princeton Hyatt Regency and Saturday night at Joey Harrison's River House. He's been described as a combination of both Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. He says, "That means I'm dead!" In fact, he was named after Bob Hope. "My mother and father loved comedy. They always loved Bob Hope so when I was born, 'let's call him Bob,'" he said. (video above)

Just like Hope hung with the presidents, Collins hung with Donald Trump. "Everything you hear about is Trump. I played Mar a lago when he became president, with Celine Dion, in fact they called me back." Did he go?

"Money doesn't discriminate," says Collins. "I've known the guy for 18 years, he came over to me with his guys and said, 'Good show Bobby,' and I started to laugh and said, 'Thank you Mr. President,' because I can't believe this guy is President of the United States! I could see him on 42nd street going, 'Keep your eye on the red car, keep your eye on the red car.' Then Trump asked, 'Did you vote for me?' I said 'I would have rather voted for El Chapo.' All his boys cracked up. He didn't. Instead he gave me that look, you know the look." The man has no eyes. "His hair is the color of Tang!"

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