In what was likely a PR stunt to mitigate the loss of some fans over continued player protests, the New York Jets reached out to Blue Lives Matter NYC.

Founder Joe Imperitrice joined me on Chasing News:

and on the morning show to discuss why he turned them down flat.

Bottom line is that while members of the NFL with their million dollar contracts and privileged lifestyles continue to push a false narrative about our men and women in uniform, groups like Blue Lives Matter will pass on partnering with them.

I've written a lot about the cops and the false narrative of cops targeting unarmed minorities. The propaganda and misinformation coming out of the incident in Ferguson, Missouri is what helped prompt me to pursue #BlueFriday. In that case, which essentially launched a movement against police, a cop was maligned and driven out of a job and his community for doing his duty to protect and serve.

Good for Joe and the team at Blue Lives Matter for taking a strong and principled stand against the arrogant elites in the NFL.

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