If you're tuning in regularly you know that I do take a little creative license with some of our sponsors in order to really personalize the pitch about their company and products. I only endorse companies that I can vouch for and take my job as an endorser seriously. One of my favorite ads to read is from our friends at Pajama Gram. We added a little 'music' to play as I'm making the case for a great Christmas gift.

Turns out that Jay Black's father-in-Law, Mike from Medford, is a fan of the show and is looking to buy pajamas for his wife this Christmas. He heard the ad on my show and Jay wanted to share the good news with me. Jay and I speculated that maybe it's really the music in combination with the details in the ad that got him thinking about pajamas. So Jay asked me if I could make a few requests of his father-in-law with the same music playing and see if it works beyond pajamas.

His requests? First, that Mike tone down the volume at family dinners. Apparently he's a bit loud and boisterous and Jay would like a little more quiet. His second request was that Mike from Medford be more mindful of watching TV shows on his large screen HD TV in HD. He's not alone, that's a huge pet peeve of mine in the studio every morning, Someone inevitable leaves on the screen with a channel that is not in HD. Since I'm in early, many days I think it's just my eyes betraying me. Nope, when the cable guide prompts you to switch to the HD channel. Please do it!

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