Seriously. It's not the kind of movie you would think I'd produce. Not political, not a documentary, nothing to do with history ... just a fun film for entertainment purposes only!

Sometimes you need a break from the reality of how expensive and challenging life in the Garden State has become. The movie is called "Psycho Storm Chaser" and it airs for the first time on LifetimeTV this coming Saturday, August 7 at 8 p.m.

Here's the description on LIfetime's website:

"When a Class-3 Hurricane hits the Brody Peninsula, nurse Abby Fields has a decision to make: attempt to move the comatose Hannah Banks out of her family home or stay and weather the storm. Abby decides the safer of the two options is to stay. Abby, Tony, the other nurse, and Ella Banks, Hannah’s sister and Abby’s less-than-sweet employer, decide to hunker down with supplies and s’mores to wait out the storm. What none of them realize is that there’s somebody else on the peninsula with them: Dr. Carl the Storm Chaser, a TV celebrity and secret serial killer that uses storms to cover up his heinous crimes. Rib Hillis, Tara Erickson, Mary O’Neil star. (2021)"

The journey to become a movie producer was an interesting one. Starting a couple years ago when my friend and screenwriter/comic Jay Black approached me about raising funds to produce a movie from a script he wrote. After a few months of talking through how to get started and many meetings with potential financiers ending in the classic "that's interesting...I'll get back to you..." we found some investors.

The first movie we co-produced was called "Psycho Yoga Instructor," which aired on Lifetime last year.

Then, we thought, "we can do more than co-produce. Let's make a movie from start to finish."

After finding the right director and setting a budget, raising the money and navigating through COVID-craziness, we did it.

The interesting thing about the movie business is you have to make the movie first, then work really hard to sell it after you've spent the production money. It was a long couple weeks waiting for the call from Lifetime that they wanted our movie. It all worked out and not only is Psycho Storm Chaser airing this weekend, but we are starting pre-production of our next project this week...stay tuned, more to come!

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