On Friday Bill Lavin, the head of the New Jersey State Firefighters' Mutual Benevolent Association called into Jim's show to discuss the report out by the State Commission of Investigation that the State has shelled out over $3o million to pay for full-time union members that are paid by taxpayers.

Lavin stated that this is a necessity as it provides a voice for the responders and for the community.

You can listen to that portion of the interview here:

Lavin explains why NJ towns needs the balance of a union in their town and why in towns such as Newark,  they have multiple representatives.

Towards the end of the interview, Jim still isn't satisfied and wants to know why a full-time union employee would get paid by the State. Lavin tries to explain once again that it serves a vital function to the community.


Do you think Bill Lavin addressed the issue? Do you think this practice of taxpayers paying for full-time union members needs to change? Comment below