I was driving in Tuesday and heard a comment on our traffic reports that it was as if Noah's Ark had exploded all over the state. Meaning there had been an abnormal amount of deer car collisions even by rutting season standards. When I tuned in the latest one was somewhere on the parkway.

That's what I was hearing on the radio at the same time I was seeing through my windshield a sea of political signs on lawns and sides of roads. It occurred to me Novembers in New Jersey are notorious for two things: uncollected roadkill and uncollected political signs.

Authorities do their best to keep up with roadkill removal during the mating season, but some people don't even call police when they've hit a deer. And then others assume someone else must have already called it in. So there they sit.

Then there is the blight of leftover political signs long after the election is over. Some towns get serious about it. Old Bridge for example will charge a $5 per sign penalty by their zoning officer beginning 14 days after the election. For the most part though it seems towns either don't have any rules or don't enforce them if they do. The other day, I kid you not, I saw a Trump sign still up. A year later.

So this brings up the question, which is worse? Leftover lawn signs or lingering roadkill? Take our poll.

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