If you grew up there you get it. The rest of us can only relate in other ways. If you grew up anywhere near Paramus and you're between 35 and 65 years old then you may well remember a giant Santa Claus coming out of a chimney. It was there every year from the 1950's through the 1980's but has been on hiatus for 30 years. He was 51 feet tall and faced Route 17. The big guy could be seen for miles.

Now a replica of Big Santa stands at 45 feet tall and is adjacent to Nordstrom at Westfield Garden State Plaza. The only thing different is there's no longer a pipe coming out of his mouth. Times have changed over these 30 years after all.

The big reveal drew a large crowd of both kids just excited to see something new and thirty to sixty somethings who remember the original Big Santa. I'm sure if your part of New Jersey had a certain tree lighting ceremony or a particularly iconic symbol of Christmas then you can relate. What does Big Santa look like for us outsiders? Check out ABC7's video above.

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