My Uncle Hank was like Superman to me when I was growing up. He was an ironworker and helped build some of the major buildings that grace the skyline of New York City.

He was a guy that knew how to fix everything. He built his house in Atlantic Highlands with his own two hands and some help from the family. He would get up at 5:00am, go to work 30 some stories above the pavement, and then come home and work some more on his house.

I remember he built us a go-cart that went down the hill by his house at 100 miles per hour almost killing his only son and his largest nephew!

The man was always the voice of reason and for me, a source of inspiration and wisdom. After retiring as an ironworker he became harbor master at the Atlantic Highlands Marina and then he opened the Boatyard which was a great restaurant in Atlantic Highlands.

He used to make onion soup and I just couldn’t get enough. It was delicious and I would have many bowls sitting in his restaurant. The Boatyard doesn’t exist anymore but I’m thrilled he has allowed me to share this recipe with you.

Thanks, Uncle Hank, for the soup, the wisdom and direction.

You'll Need:

12 large onions, peeled and sliced

¼ pound of butter

1 teaspoon white pepper

8 cups beef stock or broth (or use bouillon cubes/powder)

½ cup white wine, drink the other ½ cup!

How to put it together:

Let simmer at least one hour. Refrigerate when cool. Serve the next day for best results. Serve in a soup crock, putting a piece of French bread on top of hot soup, cover with shredded Swiss cheese, or your favorite cheese, pop in under the broiler until cheese is brown and bubbelicious. (Be sure your soup bowl is oven safe).


This recipe comes from Big Joe Henry's Big Jersey Cookbook