Planning on taking the plunge this year? We've assembled a list of everything you'll need to survive the day. Can't wait to see you Saturday, Feb. 25 in Seaside Heights for the 24th annual Polar Bear Plunge!

PLUS: We want to see your photos from the plunge! Send them to use via the New Jersey 101.5 app for Android or iOS. We'll donate $100 to Special Olympics of New Jersey in honor of our favorite photographer!

  • 1

    A wacky costume

    Maybe you choose to don a version of the classic Hawaiian boudoir aesthetic, featuring the ever-popular grass skirt and coconut bra combo. Perhaps you go with the organic fluidity of a skin tight superhero suit, complete with an undulating neckline, curved hem, and a hot medley of hues. Or maybe you just keep it simple with the always welcome, hairy-dude chic. Whichever style you choose it's important to remember that the fashion world is watching. You may very well be the next big trendsetter.

    Louis C. Hochman - Townsquare Media
  • 2

    An adult beverage

    Or two, or three ... There's an old adage somewhere about the fact that alcohol doesn't warm you up, it actually makes you colder, but let's not bring science into this. It's not really about warming up anyway, but more about harnessing the power of liquid courage.

  • 3

    Friends & family

    The more the merrier, that's what I say! Having friends, family, or a whole entourage of people will help keep your spirits up. Also, if you're too scared to go into the water, a good friend will always be willing to push you... I mean encourage you to follow through with the goals you've set for yourself.

  • 4

    Noise making apparatus

    Because everyone enjoys the dulcet tones of a drunkenly played vuvuzela.

    Photo by Otto Greule Jr / Getty Images
  • 5

    Cameras & Go-Pros

    You'll of course want to bring your camera or Go-Pro to document all the fun. Don't forget to bring your sand/waterproof case to protect them. Please don't run into the ocean with your $800 smart phone.

    Louis C. Hochman - Townsquare Media
  • 6

    Reinforced swimwear

    It gets crazy out there! The cold, the waves, the crowd. The last thing you want to worry about is a wardrobe malfunction. And hey, listen up fellas! If Seinfeld taught me anything it's that cold water and nudity do not mix.

    Louis C. Hochman - Townsquare Media
  • 7

    Greasy food

    Keeping your body warm should be your main focus the day of the plunge. To do that your body need calories to convert into heat energy. Protein and carbohydrates contain 4 calories per gram, but fat, contains a whopping 9 calories per gram. So it's easy to see that more fat = more calories = more heat. It's not rocket surgery folks.

  • 8

    A big fluffy towel or bathrobe

    Preferably one kept warm and dry by a non-plunging friend standing close by. So when you get out of the water you can hopefully wrap up within .5 seconds.

  • 9

    Big Joe Henry

    It wouldn't be the plunge without stopping by to see me now would it? So come say hi! I'll be upstairs in the Spicy Cantina broadcasting my show LIVE from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

    Photo Credit/Chris Swendeman/NJ1015
  • 10

    101.5 Traffic and Weather

    Really surviving any day in New Jersey requires the use of our traffic and weather, but this is especially true the day of the plunge. Dan Zarrow will be with us broadcasting live covering what ever mother nature throws our way. Plus as always, our traffic team will keep an eye out on any delays or issues heading into Seaside Heights. Tune in early to know what to expect.

    Meteorologist Dan Zarrow (Chris Swendeman/NJ1015)
  • 11

    A big heart

    At the end of the day it's all about raising big money for an incredible organization. It may escape you as you get caught up in all the fun and excitement listed above, but your contribution makes a hugely positive impact on the many athletes that compete each year in New Jersey's Special Olympics. For that we thank each and every one  of you that donates their time and money to make the Polar Bear Plunge a huge success.

    Louis C. Hochman - Townsquare Media