Gravy is the absolute crowning jewel of your Thanksgiving dinner. It sometimes can be a tough long process that frustrates you, but as with most of the recipes in this dinner it takes a little time and effort and you and your guests will be rewarded.

Best gravy recipe for Thanksgiving (Flickr photo: Glory Foods)
Best gravy recipe for Thanksgiving (Flickr photo: Glory Foods)

When the gravy is made, then you know that the big Thanksgiving meal is done.

When I was about 11 or 12 we went up to my Uncle Rich’s and Aunt Pat’s for Thanksgiving. They lived in Connecticut. Aunt Pat is working hard in the kitchen and my uncle Rich was with us in the den as we were watching football. The adults were having a cocktail or two and everything seemed like it was going well.

Suddenly from the kitchen my aunt screamed “Richard the gravy is finished, the gravy is finished!” With that my uncle bolted out of his chair, my mom asked him “Rich is everything o.k.?” While hustling over to the bar he said “Oh yeah, the gravy’s made, Pat can now have her Rob Roy.”

It was funny to watch him sprint to the bar and quickly make my aunt that cocktail. It was all good, the gravy was made and now she could have her Rob Roy. I have since tried to incorporate that strategy into my Thanksgiving, it never works, and I only make it to the stuffing! I hate when that happens.


1 medium onion coarsely chopped

2 stalks of celery coarsely chopped

4 cans chicken broth

1 container sliced button mushrooms

1 stick of butter

1/4 cup flour

1 teaspoon Gravy Master

Pan drippings from turkey in oven

1 teaspoon each of sage, parsley, rosemary & thyme, salt & pepper

1 bay leaf

How to put it together:

In a sauce pan, sauté mushrooms with 1 stick of butter cook remove and set aside, add spices,onions, celery, rosemary, chicken broth, and the gizzards and neck from the turkey.

Bring to a slow boil, and then simmer for 1 hour. Add gravy master. Add pan drippings from turkey pan,and mix well. Strain liquid from the pan removing all vegetables gizzards and neck.

Before putting liquid back into sauce pan, make rue from flour and 1/4 cup of strained liquid in saucepan, slowly add back strained liquid whisking constantly. Simmer for 10 minutes and serve hot.

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