My local football field was quiet this afternoon. (Craig Allen photo)

The "Big Game" is on! 

But, what if you don't care about either team that's playing?

What if you'd rather PLAY than watch?

Its cold, you say (you got a problem with that?)...and you don't have field lights (problem)...and your back yard isn't covered with a dome (who's is?).

Now what?

You can always "go back to the '70s and '80s!"

"Old School" electronic football! ( photo)

Mattel Classic Football came out around 1978.

Now, you can buy a replica version, so that you can go "old school" anytime that you'd like! That's just in case your original game didn't survive the passing years...

The original game ran on a single 9-volt battery! With two levels of game play, users made their way down the field, dodging dot-like opponents to avoid being digitally tackled. Though it was simple, it was a big seller!

Of course, you can always play X-Box...and the other football video games of today...

And, multitask: Crank up "Jersey's Favorite Hits" while you play!

I'm on-air til midnight (Eastern) on New Jersey 101.5 and, serving all multi-taskers and "football widows."

And I'll welcome all football die-hards back to the show, after the "Big Game" goes into the history books!

Its GOOD! (Craig Allen photo)