I'm gonna have to call FAKE NEWS on this one. If you know anyone who smokes weed or enjoys the occasional "edible", you know they're not just giving the stuff away, especially to strangers!

Oh, there will be you're occasional nut job that wants to anonymously inflict harm on a total stranger. We've heard stories of razor blades and needles in candy bars for half a century. No doubt there are deranged people amongst us, but after reading this story this week, I just had to laugh.

Not the out of control stoner kinda laugh, but a pretty good chuckle. The stuff is illegal in New Jersey, therefore it's hard to come by and expensive. Whatever you think of people who smoke weed, if you don't know any, they're not gonna waste that kind of precious commodity throwing into your kids Halloween bag.

I urge parents to be as diligent as always in checking your kids' candy, but any extra concern about edible pot being in there is FAKE NEWS! With almost every kid accompanied by a way parent staring from the curb, the stoner trying to give out his coveted stash is nearly impossible to imagine.

If you suspect one, I recommend pushing in his door, knocking him down and taking all his s---! He's probably too stoned to realize what you're doing.

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