🚔 Drunk Driving remains a major factor in most fatal accidents in NJ

🚔 Cannabis impairment is rising

🚔 A DWI checkpoint will be held this weekend

Heading into the Thanksgiving holiday week, New Jersey drivers can expect increased police patrols to discourage drunk driving.

Many towns will also be setting up checkpoints to verify driver sobriety.

The Monmouth County DWI Task Force will conduct a DWI checkpoint Friday night, Nov. 17, from 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.

Google Maps/Townsquare Media illustration
Google Maps/Townsquare Media illustration

All Northbound traffic on Route 9 North in Freehold will be diverted into Juniper Plaza before Route 33. A sobriety check will be performed on each driver.

Drunk Driving remains a big problem in New Jersey

Despite stepped up enforcement, drunk driving is the top contributing factor in most fatal crashes, surpassing distracted driving in New Jersey.

The latest State Police report looked at data from all fatal collisions in 2021. They found that for the first time in a decade driver intoxication was the leading cause of fatal accidents in New Jersey.

Intoxication includes both alcohol and drug impairment.

The number of crashes attributed to cannabis intoxication has been rising.

In 2021, intoxication was blamed for 210 fatal crashes. In 91 of those accidents, cannabis intoxication was blamed.

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