Now that New Jersey is getting legalized recreational marijuana, the restaurant and junk food industry here should see a nice bump in business. You could say a nice "bus in business."

What better place to be when you're stoned with the munchies than New Jersey? Especially if you're a pizza-holic. Hell, I'd have weed in a shaker next to the oregano, cheese, and crushed peppers. But of course, they can't do that. Maybe someday?

If you've never gotten high and are thinking about it once it becomes legal, know that people eat the craziest things when they're stoned. I would advise against going food shopping when you're high and if you do, stay out of the candy aisle. I once had a very expensive experience with "Reggie Bars," which was a long time ago.

So where are the best places to eat in New Jersey if you're stoned? Try some of these recommendations from my social media following.

The best food to eat in New Jersey when you're stoned

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